The Nursery is an important part of the JBI’s efforts to improve agricultural productivity on mined-out bauxite lands.   In addition to providing advanced solutions for farmers in mining areas, it functions as a commercial entity producing seedlings for small, medium and large-scale agricultural operations. The Nursery also caters to the average householder requiring seedlings for their home garden.

The JBI Plant Nursery has an area of 3,120 square feet and produces approximately 1.2 million seedlings of vegetables, herbs and other tree crop annually. Seedlings are produced from hybrid and high quality certified seeds.


The JBI Plant Nursery has supplied seedlings to the Sugar Industry Research Institute (SIRI), the Agricultural Support Services Project (ASSP), the Walkerswood Agricultural Project, Jamaica Exporters’ Association, WINDALCO, St. Ann Bauxite Ltd., and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).